The Dutch Landscape at De Hallen Haarlem Museum

Piet Mondrian, Farmhouse in a Meadow Landscape near Duivendrecht, 1905 – Frans Hals Museum

“A green polder countryside with cows, ditches, farmhouses and windmills, boundless vistas, vibrant bulb fields and panoramic river and dune landscapes: every facet of the Dutch landscape can be seen this summer in the exhibition A Portrait of Holland – The Dutch Landscape in Art since 1850 in De Hallen Haarlem. More than a hundred and twenty paintings, watercolours, prints, photographs and films by Dutch artists like Anton Mauve, the Maris brothers, Piet Mondrian, Jan Toorop, Jan Sluijters, M.C. Escher, Jan Wolkers and Jan Dibbets epitomize the fascination of the Dutch landscape.

The large summer exhibition in De Hallen Haarlem reveals the way that the seemingly simple, flat Dutch landscape of polders and rivers has inspired an incredible diversity of interpretations. It examines a number of movements in Dutch painting since 1850—from the Hague School to Expressionism—and also explores the work of photographers and filmmakers. ”

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