World Premier of Adriana Naveh’s Documentary 9/1

"Country Love" - Original Acrylic by Adriana Naveh

Tune in this Thursday, September 1st, at 8pm EST / 5pm PST for the world premier release of Adriana Naveh’s documentary, “Reflections of Naveh”. Barry will be featuring stunning originals that are showcased within the documentary.

Barry will also have a small collection of originals from Lindsay Dawson, Igor Smirnov, and more. He will be giving you a last chance look at some of the stunning museum pieces that we have in our studio before our fall showcase begins.

Take a look at a small selection of pieces that will be featured on Thursday’s show.

Lindsay Dawson transcends impressionism with paintings that perfectly capture the moment. His use of color and explorations of light create intimate snapshots, and his ability to communicate the romantic images of youth is unparalleled.

"Sunset At Nobska Point" - Original Oil by Lindsay Dawson

Igor Smirnov has spent his life perfecting the art of perception and interpretation. The son of renowned Russian landscape artist Vasily Smirnov, Igor was immersed in the creative arts from an early age. A truly unique and innovative artist, it is no wonder that Igor Smirnov has gained such international recognition and acclaim.

"Protected By Angels" - Original Mixed Media by Igor Smirnov

Adriana Naveh:
Frequently utilizing the unique medium of plaster spackle along with acrylic paint, Adriana Naveh’s paintings emphasize the power of simple and elegant composition. She creates a three dimensional effect with her palette knife to explore the main composition, preferring to focus on the details at the last stages of the painting process. Women are frequently explored subjects in her art. Engrossed in thought and caught in soft, unassuming poses, these women are highlighted by a background of household objects. Single figures do not represent loneliness—rather, intimacy and strength.

"A Golden View" - Original Acrylic by Adriana Naveh

Light is a very important element of Adriana’s paintings. She employs both light and shadow to create a striking visual effect, emphasizing the importance and brilliance of daily life, of that which is routine. Her enchanting palette truly introduces the observer to an intimate, magical moment frozen in time. She also takes a special interest in architecture, and decidedly merges her preferred structural styles into her paintings. The artist stresses that whether she is at home or walking in the streets, she tries to envision how she would paint the scenes that unfold before her. Adriana Naveh inspires us to dream of the beauty of daily life. See more of her work here.

Don’t miss this spectacular night of art, be sure to tune in Thursday, September 1st, at 8pm EST / 5pm PST on DirecTV Channel 223 or watch a live stream on our homepage

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