Pick Jack’s Internet Only Coin Show Sign-Off!

Our lovely Internet Only Coin Show hosts, Shawn and Jack

On this week’s Internet Only Coin Show, Shawn has asked everyone to vote on which sign-off Jack should use each week! The winning sign-off will be announced on the next episode, airing Tuesday, March 6th! Don’t miss your chance to make Jack look smooth and debonair or completely ridiculous! Let us know what you think! Vote below and take a look at JackĀ demonstratingĀ a few of the sign-off options:

Running Man on the left, and Gun Point on the right

Jazz/Spirit Hands on the left, Thumbs Up on the right

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  1. RON HUTSON says:

    And. Say. “Till next time,thiS is Jack,looking back at ya!@

  2. Tom Eagan says:

    Can Jack do a move where he tips the brim of an imaginary cap?

  3. Perry says:

    It’s gotta be Heavy Metal Goat Horns.

  4. Meaty says:

    I think he should juggle a few Morgan dollars while tap dancing off of the stage… or he could do the worm.

  5. Spooky Rubin says:

    Can he ever, Tom Eagan! Jack is one of the world’s greatest imaginary hat tippers. Had it not been for his recent success in the coin world, it was rumored that Jack was on the fast-track to superstardom in the the greater New Jersey miming community. In fact, maybe his sign off should be “man trapped in a box.”

  6. Harth says:

    I think he should peform an acapella version of Don’t Go Messin’ with a Country Boy.