A Night At The Hermitage 5/10

Love Quest -Original Oil by Ilona Kustan

Tune in this Thursday, May 10th, at 8pm EST / 5pm PST for Barry’s Night At The Hermitage!

Barry is excited to feature stunning originals from master artists such as Ilona Kustan, Sasha Bassari, new Art & Coin TV artist Gregg Janulich, and more!

Don’t miss this truly exciting night of art! Take a look at some of the breathtaking originals that will be featured on Thursday’s show!

In My Wonderland - Original Oil by Sasha Bassari

Sasha Bassari
Welcome to the enchanted world of Sasha Bassari. Here you will find peace, relaxation, creativity, and love. Bassari paints peaceful townscapes, playful children, angels, and fairies. His paintings radiate warmth and a sense of peace, portraying the ideal of unity throughout the universe. Bassari combines carefully placed diffused colors in contrast with graceful yet bold brush strokes, creating a unique blend of essence of the subject and spirit of the artist. The figures in his paintings are divine souls, innocent and pure, floating in an atmosphere of melancholy happiness. These figures are the essence of Sasha’s world—Gentle Surrealism.

Autumn Hills - Original Oil by Gregg Janulich

As always, you can preview the originals that will be featured on Thursday’s show in our Preview Gallery.  Be sure to tune in Thursday May 10th, at 8pm EST / 5pm PST on DirecTV Channel 223 or watch a live stream on our homepage http://artandcointv.com

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