Man Allegedly Robbed of $2.6 Million of Gold at his Apartment Building

George Villegas was leaving his Coral Gables, Florida apartment building with two rolling suitcases containing 110 pounds of gold, worth more than $2 million, on a Friday morning this month when he says three men waiting outside stopped him. According to Villegas, they shoved a gun in his face and yelled that they were there for the gold. Villegas says “I tried to wrestle the guy down, but just let them go. Nothing is worth it – not even $2.6 million.”

All three people fled the scene but Villegas later positively identified Raonel Valdez-Valhuerdis. Valdez-Valhuerdis was on supervised house arrest and is wearing a GPS bracelet attached to his ankle that shows he was at the location of the robbery during the incident. He now faces charges of robbery with a firearm, battery, and grand theft. Villegas is doing fine aside from some scratches.

However, the gold is still missing. There has been an offer of a $15,000 for its return, police say.

You can read the full article via Yahoo News here. 

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